The project

The evolution of the machine tool industry is linked to the stakeholders’ need to constantly increase productivity, which means constantly improving the technologies applied.

The search for increased sustainability, combined with the reduction of environmental impact, improved performances (e.g. productivity, accuracy in dimensions, finishes and form) and the development of the ability to self-adapt to new working conditions, are the main guidelines of H2020, the EU programme which provides a framework for applied research in the sector for the near future.

The Hi-SCORE project brings together two important laboratories (MUSP and ISTEC) and a number of companies operating in the sector. Hi-SCORE works to apply those guidelines in the machine tool sector, at the regional and national level.

The goals of the project include developing solutions for managing and reducing energy consumption, replacing cutting oils with cryogenic fluids, and the study of ceramic materials for tools. These objectives will have the double effect of improving performances and reducing the environmental impact and energy consumption of machines and production systems.

The results of the project will involve different technologies that contribute to characterize and define machine performance. The improvement of performances will be pursued both when designing technological solutions and when using the machine (structural properties, perception of the boundary conditions, control of machining parameters, etc.).

The effective positioning of the Hi-SCORE project – as related to the topics and the companies involved – will be a key factor for the faithful transfer of the resulting innovations and the training of highly skilled human capital, in line with the company technologies that will be interfaced.



Call for strategic industrial research projects aimed at the priority areas of the Smart Specialization Strategy. (DGR 774/2015)

Thematic Orientation Ecological solutions
Leader MUSP
Network partners CNR-ISTEC
Other partners Amada, Mandelli, Capellini, Cohaerentia, Gruppo CMS, Jobs, Pama, MCM
Keyword S3

sustainable production systems, reduction of energy consumption, high-performance metal materials


Gruppo Cms